Transmission #20

Souterraine – Transmission #20

  1. Nimh – K.A. 05
    [“Krungthep Archives”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2011]
  2. Gianluca Becuzzi – The Space Around Warsaw (Part One)
    [“Nothing Is What It Seems”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2011]
  3. Enrico Coniglio – Kingdom Of Her
    [“Dialogue One”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2011]
  4. Nimh / Mauthausen Orchestra – Third Place
    [“From Unhealthy Places”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2009]
  5. Nosesoul – Vocation In Motion
    [“Ethik Blues / Winterbirds Helped The Passengers”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2007]
  6. Fabio Orsi – The Lonesome Era (Part 2)
    [“The New Year Is Over ”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2012]
  7. Maurizio Bianchi – Cyclum II
    [“The Self-Portrait of M.B.”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2008]
  8. Mauthausen Orchestra – Anal Perversion (Excerpt From Part 2)
    [“Sonic Deprivation”, Silentes Minimal Editions, 2009]


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